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Long Island Paving Stone Sealing

Sealing paving stones correctly, and in a way that does not harm the stones, requires the right equipment, knowledge and products. It is not simply a process of buying some sealer and spraying it on. Let us do the right job and give you a product and process that will leave your stones protected, and looking great for years.We use only organic or plant-based, cleaners that will not harm people, plants, animals, or the environment.

Our clear-seal and Perfect Sealers are water based, and  contain no harmful VOC’s

Pre- construction:  Assess the conditions of the pavers and make the proper recommendations as to what sealer type is right for the job.

For your Long Island paving stone repairs, be sure to contact Rich-Co Building Associates. We specialize in Long Island paving stone restoration that includes cleaning and repair services. Your paving stones may look dingy, old, and in a general state of disrepair, but you probably don’t need to have your paving stones replaced. On the contrary—our Nassau County paving stone repairs and restoration solutions can breathe new life into your old pavement. Not only will your hard surface continue to remain fully functional to serve the needs of your home or business; it will also look amazing and transform your property’s curb appeal for the better.

Interlocking paving stones and hardscapes are  versatile, durable and decorative, but they do require maintenance to keep them looking their best and functioning optimally. Rich-Co Building Associates provide customers throughout Nassau County and towns like Jericho, Merrick, Roslyn, Old Westbury, and Bellmore with professional Long Island paving stone repairs designed to enhance the longevity of your hardscape surfaces. Our Nassau County paving stone repairs are a huge cost savings when compared to replacing your pavers outright. Why invest in new pavers when our Long Island paving stone restoration services can make them look as good as new?

If you need paving stone restoration and repairs, we can dispatch a technician to your property to make a careful assessment of the surface. We’ll take note of all repair work needed. We can also discuss related services like pressure washing and stone sealing that are part and parcel of our restoration work. Whether you’re planning to sell your property or simply want to maintain it for your own use and enjoyment, be sure to consider our affordable Long Island paving stone restoration services. We are experts with more than 30 years of experience delivering Long Island paving stone repairs for residential and commercial customers all across the region.

Our professional grade, five point Paving stone sealing Process

  1. Clean pavers with mildewcide to remove all BIO matter
  2. Clean pavers with De greasers to remove oils from tires, shoes etc.
  3. Pre-treat pavers with our plant-based treatment to remove efflorescence, open up the pores of the stones and bring the stone surface to a neutral pH. This is critical to ensure the sealer lasts and does not turn cloudy or fail in a short time.
  4. Apply Joint sand as required to lock in pavers and block weeds and grasses from growing in paver joints.
  5. Apply the proper Paver Sealer to factory specifications.


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