Sealing Radon & Methane

Long Island Out-gassing and moisture blocking for concrete Slabs

EPA figures show that Radon levels are at dangerous levels in approximately 1 out of three homes all across the United States. “Decaying radiation (Radon gas) has been linked to many illnesses including cancers. For blocking and mitigation levels of Radon in your Long Island home, look no further than Rich-Co Building Associates.” We offer safe, inexpensive solutions for these potentially large problems. We specialize in mitigating radon and methane gasses. These invisible and odorless gasses seep from the soil beneath your home, and enter it  through any opening in a floor or wall which touches the soil. It can enter your house through: openings around utility pipes, joints between basement floors and walls including perimeter (French) drains, other floor drains (especially those that discharge to dry wells),  the holes in the top row of concrete blocks, and tiny cracks and openings (such as the pores in concrete blocks). Sealing such cracks and openings is often an import preliminary step when combined with our other methods. For houses with marginal radon problems, sealing alone may be sufficient.

Rich-Co Building Associates provide customers throughout Nassau County and towns like Jericho, Merrick, Roslyn, Old Westbury, and Bellmore with professional Radon, and methane mitigation.

If you are concerned about these dangers, or require these services, we can dispatch a technician to your property to make a careful assessment and make recommendations of all repair work needed.

We are licensed, certified and insured, and have been serving the Long Island area for over 30 years. If you are a home or business owner, and are concerned about radon, methane, or toxic mold that enters your structure, call us  Today.

We use Slabtight

For bare concrete

Reduce coating bubbles

Protect wood from buckling

Block radon/Protect carpets

The concrete prep treatment that reduces moisture, radon, and methane from seeping through concrete. SlabTight reduces health dangers and damage to flooring systems caused by moisture vapor, mold, and efflorescence, by up to 95%.

SlabTight mitigates the deadly, invisible gasses such as radon and methane that seep into your building or home.

Failures of floor coverings due to moisture vapor that were applied over untreated substrates cause over ten billion dollars annually in the US alone.

SlabTight® reduces costly problems such as failed concrete overlays, peeling epoxies and paints, or buckling wood.

To prime and prepare clean, bare concrete for coatings or floor coverings.

Derived from formerly classified technology ( since 1996) used in military and industrial applications, this unique coating is now available for the construction market.

  • Protects epoxy, carpet, tile, and wood laminate flooring
  • Inhibits radon and methane from seeping into your home
  • Increases bond strength to top coatings by up to 300%
  • Decreases costly flooring failures, reduces expensive repairs
  • 4.5 pH is factory specified for use with epoxies and mastics
  • One-part, water-based, zero VOC’s and odor free
  • Seals concrete to reduce dusting and efflorescence
  • Reduces damp odors and mold caused by moisture


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