Sealing/Coating Asbestos

WHY CHOOSE RICHCO for floor resurfacing over asbestos mastic?

RichCo building Associates, Inc., is  the ONLY Long Island company  that is  factory trained and certified to safely apply epoxies, paints and coatings, over cut-back glues and similar problem surfaces.  We use only safe, very affordable, dustless,  surface floor prep methods without dangerous floor grinding, or expensive abatement costs. No harmful asbestos, lead, or  silica, is disturbed. EPA approved and OSHA compliant methods only. We use no solvents or harmful products in our floor preparation and coatings systems.

Features and benefits:

    • We install new flooring without disturbing asbestos and cut-back mastic surfaces.
    • We are the only Long Island company to resurface asbestos glues, mastic and cut-back adhesives
    • We use only EPA and OSHA approved floor preparation methods over cutback glue
    • Certified to install cement, epoxy and acrylic  flooring for any surface, indoors or out.
    • We use no solvents, or harmful products in our floor preparation and coatings systems.
    • No lead or asbestos abatement or encapsulation is required with our PerfectPrimer and related systems.

What is PerfectPrimer?

The only primer/sealer specified to bond epoxy or paint directly to floors covered with asbestos mastic, cut-back  adhesives, or glues, without grinding or removing them.

For your concrete coatings and resurfacing projects in Nassau county or anywhere on  Long Island, call Rich-Co Building Associates. We specializes in floor repairs for slabs on grade including garage and basement floor. RichCo Building Associates installs acrylic, decorative, cement overlays’,  epoxy flake and chip floors for customers throughout Long Island, including the towns of Old Westbury, Jericho, Merrick, Bellmore, and Roslyn.

Rich-Co Building Associates features specialists who offer Long Island concrete resurfacing applications and Nassau County flake floor repairs. Epoxy flake floors feature outstanding abrasion resistance, are non-yellowing, and even resistant to most chemicals. This is why they’re ideal for garages and other high-traffic areas. With PerfectPrimer and PerfectMembrane, we will safely resurface your floors without grinding or removing dangerous asbestos mastic first.

If you need expert Long Island concrete resurfacing solutions or Nassau County flake floor repairs, you can rely on Rich-Co Building Associates. These highly durable floors will last for years with proper maintenance. Our contractors have years of experience and our highly trained in all aspects of Long Island concrete resurfacing. Contact us to schedule a service consultation today


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