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For Nassau County flexible stone deck resurfacing, SandRich is a leading product that delivers the protection and functionality our clients need. Rich-Co Building Associates, Inc. specializes in Long Island deck resurfacing. To keep surfaces well maintained, we rely on our industry’s best products like SandRich. You can consult with us to see if SandRich is right for your Long Island resurfacing project. Our service providers deliver our Nassau County flexible stone solutions to customers in towns such as Jericho, Bellmore, Old Westbury, Roslyn, and Merrick.

When it comes to Nassau County flexible stone, SandRich is a top-notch application that delivers an elegant stone finish. It’s a perfect Long Island resurfacing solution for decks, patios, balconies, and even roofs. SandRich provides surfaces with robust waterproofing protection. It’s resistant to severe weather and has the power to succeed where other products fail. That’s why we favor it for our Long Island deck resurfacing projects. It delivers the reliable results our customers need—and deserve. With RichCo we can safely resurface your floors without grinding or removing dangerous asbestos mastic first.

Rich-Co Building Associates, Inc. is a strong advocate of SandRich flexible stone for Long Island resurfacing projects. Our part of the world is particularly prone to precipitation. Moisture is an enemy of the surfaces we rely on to protect our residential and commercial properties. Because this product will never entrap moisture, you have peace of mind knowing that your deck, flooring, or other feature is not vulnerable to mold or rot once protected by SandRich. To learn more about this protective barrier, contact Rich-Co Building Associates, Inc. Our contractors have experience applying this product to a wide range of surfaces. We can provide you with an upfront quote for our resurfacing and waterproofing solutions. As always, we are dedicated to keeping our prices fair and affordable for our Long Island customers.

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