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Rich-Co Building Associates, Inc. is a leading factory certified Long Island stucco painting and sealing service provider. After making your Roslyn or Jericho stucco repairs, you need to need to protect your stucco surface with painting and dealing it or it becomes vulnerable to damage. We specialize in Nassau County stucco sealing, waterproofing  painting  and restoration services for Long Island residential and commercial property owners. It’s never a wise idea to paint or apply waterproof coatings yourself or to an uncertified applicator on your stucco; this job is best left to professionals. Any mistake can leave your stucco vulnerable to the elements—and in Long Island, those elements are severe and can quickly damage your stucco surface.

For professional Long Island stucco painting and waterproofing, you can rely on Rich-Co Building Associates, Inc. Our experienced contractors will prime and paint your stucco using products designed especially for your surface. Many of today’s best stucco paints feature waterproofing properties that provide an excellent barrier against the driving rains and snows that Long Island experiences. If we’ve initially made Jericho stucco repairs, we’ll take care to expertly prime and paint these sections of your stucco so they blend perfectly with the surrounding surface. After we complete our Long Island stucco painting and Jericho stucco repairs, you’ll marvel at how ‘like new’ your home or commercial building will appear.

Because Long Island experiences severe weather during any given year, Nassau County stucco waterproofing services are a must in order to keep stucco surfaces property maintained. Once moisture damage occurs, you might note brown streaks in your stucco, bulging spots, and cracks. If you do, be sure to contact us. We’ll visit your property to evaluate the problems your stucco is experiencing. We can restore the stucco and then apply our Long Island stucco painting and waterproofing solutions, helping keep your stucco looking and performing at its best for years to come. Our Nassau County stucco waterproofing solutions are based on our industry’s best products and materials.


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