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Did you ever
see a stucco system do THIS?

flexible stucco
Stucco applied directly to plywood!
flexible stucco house

Coraflex, by Sealoflex, looks like other EIFS systems but that is where the similarities end. Coraflex
has many distinct features that provide additional benefits to you:

acrylic stucco
    Coraflex is flexible

  • Can be installed withor without foam board
  • Can be directly applied over brick, block walls
    or plwood, without cracking
  • More economical than other EIFS
  • Faster installation time
  • Doesn't change the wall's dimensions
  • Nor hairline cracking over time
Before (below) & After (above). Click for detail photos. acryllic stucco

    Coraflex seals

  • Acts as a protective layer to the substrate layer behind it

    Coraflex is Waterproof & Moldproof

  • Unlike other EIFS, it eliminates potentially damaging water penetration & mold growth

    Coraflex is an excellent thermal insulator

  • Insulates even when not applied over foam board

    Coraflex is self-cleaning

  • Every time it rain, your building gets washed
  • Doesn't trap dirt like other EIFS
  • Easily maintainable to always look new
  • Can be pressure washed

stucco contractors

exterrior stucco

flexible stucco

...when you demand the best!

better than EIFs
After - front view
NY stucco job
After - rear view
flexible stucco
Before - front view

flexible stucco
Before - rear view

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