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Cambridge paving stonesCambridge Paving Stones are more durable and twice as strong as concrete and asphalt! No cracking! No Patching! No damgae from salting or plowing! No wonder Cambridge Paving Stones are the first choice of leading architects.

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  • Cambridge Paving Stones can Create Straight, Curved or Exquisite Serpentine Designs.
  • Cambridge Paving Stones' Colors Offer Brilliant Alternatives to Simple Poured Concrete. bullnose paving stones
  • The Cambridge Bullnose Paving Stones are Perfectly Designed for Stair Applications.
  • A Flexible, Engineered Cambridge Pavingstone System Easily Follows Contours in the Terrain.
  • A Walkway of Cambridge Pavingstones Won't Crack or Heave as a Result of Ground Movement.
  • Weeds will Not Grow Through a Sand-Set, Interlocking Paving Stone Walkway.
  • A Driveway of Cambridge Paving Stones is Twice as Strong as Poured Concrete.
  • Cambridge Paving Stones Don't Require Messy Sealers so You'll Save Money Season After Season.
  • High Density Cambridge Paving Stones are Not Damaged by Snow Plows or De-Icing Salts.
  • Cambridge Paving Stones have Chamfered Edges to Help Channel the Water off.
  • Cambridge Paving Stones will Not Crack Making Ugly Patches a Thing of The Past.
  • Cambridge Paving Stones can be used as an Overlay Over Your Existing Asphalt or Concrete Driveway, Walkway, Patio, Pooldeck, etc.

Insist on the Advanced ArmorTek Surface
...only from Cambridge!

Technologically advanced, (left)
the ArmorTek surface preserves paver's rich color and smooth
surface forever.
Ordinary paver's surface (RIGHT) reveals unattractive aggregate (small stones) after only
one year of wear.
  • Cambridge Paving Stones with ArmorTek Will Not Fade, Looking Like New Even After Years of Use.
  • Cambridge Paving Stones with ArmorTek Are Unaffected By De-Icing Salts.
  • The Exclusive ArmorTek Surface Provides Even More Slip-Resistance than Ordinary Paving Stones.

ICPI certification

Rich-Co is a certified interlocking concrete paver installer. We have successfully completed the course and examination given by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. The key to a longstanding pavingstone job is a proper installation. Only trust your investment to a certified installer.

To find out how to beautify your home or business with Cambridge Paving Stones, contact Rich-Co Concrete & Masonry Contractors. E-mail
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